Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

We maintain an elaborate inventory of rebuilt heads throughout various model years from manufacturers like General Motors, Ford, Chrysler/Jeep and others for immediate shipping.

A complete rebuild service of any 3-or 4 combustion chamber cast iron cylinder head with 2 valves per cc including cleaning and pressure testing for cracks costs € 489,60 w/o tax (€ 582,62 including 19% VAT). Larger cylinder heads are subject to a surcharge of € 123,60 w/o tax (€ 147,08 including 19% VAT) per additional valve pair.

It will be necessary to either receive your cylinder head for R&R or to return your rebuildable cylinder head on an exchange basis. To qualify for rebuilding your cylinder head must not have any cracks or other cast related damages, all valves, valve seats, guides and gasket surfaces must be in rebuildable condition according to OEM tolerances. If you cannot return a rebuildable crankshaft or if your crankshaft core does not meet our acceptance requirements a core charge will be added.

Core charge amounts vary upon application and are subject to change, please inquire. Please click here for elaborate information on cylinder head remanufacturing.

We certainly offer custom-or partial rebuild services for you do-it yourselfers:

  • Rebuild worn valve guides € 19,70 w/o tax (€ 23,44 including 19% VAT)
  • 3-angle valve seat cutting € 9,90 w/o tax (€ 11,78 including 19% VAT)
  • Valve grinding € 6,40 w/o tax (€ 7,62 including 19% VAT)

Recoiling stripped threads is subject to individual charge. Besides we offer cylinder head modifications for LPG applications:

  • Install hardened valve seat insert including 3-angle cut € 37,70 w/o tax (€ 44,86 including 19% VAT) (seat insert not included)
  • Nitrogen sucharge to install valve guides nd seats inserts on aluminum cylinder heads € 98,80 w/o tax (€ 117,57 including 19% VAT)
  • Resurfacing of any 3-or 4 combustion chamber cylinder head: € 55,50 w/o tax (€ 66,05 including 19% VAT), each additional combustion chamber is subject to a surcharge of € 13,00 w/o tax (€ 15,47 including 19% VAT).

„Prices subject to change without notice”