Our rebuilding equipment

Many automotive shops offer „engine rebuilding services“. However, in order to be able to offer technically perfect rebuild work from scratch a shop must have elaborate machinery equipment requiring a 6-digit investment that will only pay-off in a long term period and permanent utilization. Therefore such an investment does only make sense for professional machine shops and not for any general automotive repair shop. Before you make a decision on who you will trust with your engine and transmission rebuild needs you should convince yourself that the shop of your choice has the necessary machinery equipment. Our machinery equipment consists of the following machines, most of them imported from the US:

AMC crankshaft grinder. Used for centric and eccentric refacing of main-and rod journals of any crankshaft.

Kwikway vertical bore bar. Used to precisely bore cylinders of various diameters on inline and v-engine blocks. Also used for counterbores to install cylinder sleeves.
Serdi cylinder head installation device. Used to install cylinder heads with valves, springs and locks after rebuilding.
Sunnen rod hone. Horizontal hone machine to rehone connecting rod housings.

Zanrosso horizontal resurfacing machine. Used to resurface cylinder heads, inline- and v-engine blocks and exhaust manifolds. Depending on the material demands the machine can resurface “dry” with a cutter blade or “wet” with a stone wheel.

Parts washer: Hot pressure washer for all engine- and transmission parts.

Heavy Duty sandblasting cabinet: Industrial sandblasting cabinet to blast various parts.

Stuska: Engine dynamometer with 700hp water brake to perform „live run“ test of fully completed engines including critical camshaft break-in and to check various parameters such as oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, air/fuel ratio, idling characteristics and sealing integrity.
Such “turn key” engines require only find installation and bleeding of the coolant system before starting. Dynamotest is available for almost any carburetor application upon request.
Storm Vulcan crankshaft grinder. Used for centric and eccentric refacing of main-and rod journals of any crankshaft.
Sunnen CV616 vertical hone machine. Used to precisely hone cylinders of various diameters on inline and v-engine blocks. Pressure and stroke can electronically be adjusted to achieve maximum accuracy.
K-Line valve guide stand. Device for precise installation of bronze valve guide liners.
Rod heater. Heating device to attach pistons to connecting rod assemblies.
T-Hoff pressure testing device. Cylinder heads will be filled with boiling water and closed with a matching pressure plate, then, applied air pressure will detect cracks and other cast related damages.
Sunnen horizontal hone: to alignhone engine blocks camp alleys.
Stenhoj 40 Tons press: Hydraulic press to remove and install cylinder sleeves etc.
Intermas: To work/rebuild various components.
Crankshafter checking device
Theisen: Conventional latue to work variow parts.

I.E.C. lathe. Conventional lathe to work little parts from different materials and to polish crankshafts.
Sunnen rod press. 10-ton hydraulic press to remove pistons from connecting rods by pressing off piston pins.
Sunnen cap grinder. Used to prepare connection rod caps for housing bore repairs
Sunnen: Connecting rod checking device: To check connecting rods for straightness
Sioux valve grinder. Used to reface valves.
Sims engine tester. Device to test engines for oil pressure, flow and compression after final assembly.

Acid bath: For chemical cleaning and stripping of bone engine blocks and cylinder heads.

Siox parts tumbler: To clean miscellaneous parts such as valve springs, push rods, bolts etc.

Furthermore we have a large 40-ton press to install cylinder sleeves, a professional sand blasting cabinet, a small parts tumbler for valves, rocker arms, etc., 3 large, professional grade industrial washers and an ultrasonic bath to clean delicate parts like i.e. transmission valve bodies, etc.