About us

About Us

Since the beginning in 1997, Yankee Motors has become a major distributor for American engines and automatic transmissions all over Europe.
This success has grown primarily on our elaborate and top-of-the line machinery equipment, the high-skilled knowledge, the personal enthusiasm for American classic cars and the unsurpassed quality of our craftsmanship and our professional technical support before and after each sale.

In the classic car field we are not afraid to work on the most difficult engines and transmissions. Pistons and bearings will be custom built if necessary, an elaborate photo documentation covering the entire rebuilding process step-by-step is available for your records. Check out our elaborate list of online customer references to find vintage rarities like Buick straight eight engines from 1937 or Cadillac flathead V8 engines dating back to 1941 that were built from scratch.

We have proved our precise work on hundreds of post war automatic transmissions from the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s like for example Cadillac Hydramatic, Buick Dynaflow, Dodge/Chrysler Tiptronic Torqueflite, Ford Cast Iron, Chevrolet Powerglide or Oldsmobile Jetaway and others. In case your existing engine or automatic transmission is not available for rebuilding or if you need components like remanufactured cylinder heads or crankshafts we will be happy to supply your needs from our elaborate stock inventory of more than 200 obsolete engines and transmissions. Of course our rebuilding service and inventory does cover late model applications.

Pick up and delivery service all over Europe by request.

For you do-it-yourselfers we offer machine work like cylinder head rebuilding, crankshaft grinding and block machining.